Are you….
Tired of managing your property and the headaches that come with it?

Have a property but can’t be bothered to manage it yourself?

Wanting to develop a passive income with no effort?

Wanting to move to a new house but can’t sell your home?

If this sounds like you then maybe you would like to consider trusting Saev Properties with your property and we will:

  • Protect your asset as if it were our own
  • Ensure your property is well maintained
  • Provide a fixed, guaranteed monthly income
  • Save you effort
  • Save you time
  • Save you the headache
  • Save (make) you money

We will provide you with a guaranteed monthly rent, ensuring approved property repairs and maintenance all in a simple and easy to understand format with no surprises.

We have 10 years of industry expertise and are driven by saving people time, effort and pain !

Contact us now at to discuss how much guaranteed monthly rent we could offer you.